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The surroundings

Görlitz - is always worth a visit!
Görlitz is located exactly in the centre of Europe, on the 15th meridian to the east and is the most eastern city in Germany.
This is where the sun rises first in Germany.
Due to its location, Görlitz has a long tradition as an important trading centre.
Görlitz has over 4,000 architectural monuments, mainly from late Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Gründerzeit and Art Nouveau.
Spared from both world wars, the city on the Neisse River today resembles an architectural history book.
Görlitz owed its historical wealth to its location at the crossroads of important trade routes.
The town of Görlitz has taken the consistent continuation of the revitalisation of the old town to heart.
With life now moving back into the historical walls, which is noticeably stirred by every renovated house, Görlitz is about to develop into one of the most beautiful European cities.